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With Inflatable Rentals Getting Ready For A Month of Halloween Festivities

Bounce HousesNow that we're into October, thoughts and plans are starting to revolve around Halloween. As people start putting up their decorations, planning their Halloween costumes and routing out their trick-or-treating, many other festive events will be planned throughout the month before the big day arrives.

At Big Bounce House, we can help you plan a fabulously fun Halloween party that will thrill your guests no matter how young or old. You really should have open space all around the Bounce House Rentals to make sure it stays safe.

Let's start with the fun activities. We have lots to choose from. We have many Bounce Houses, combo units, Inflatables slides, obstacle courses and interactive activities. People of all ages will enjoy our inflatable structures.

Looking for something a little different? How about renting a train and taking a ride through a haunted forest or graveyard? With a few spooky decorations along with our Party Rentals train, you can easily create a frighteningly fun tour down a petrifying path of scary skeletons and a foggy graveyard filled with tombstones and creepy characters. Your guests will scream in delight.

Our black light fun is popular with children and adults. Have your favorite costumed characters team up for an exciting game of neon dodgeball. With our yellow rhino skin dodgeballs and neon face and body paint, your guests will have a blast playing this all time classic game. Different safety tips that people should remember when deciding to have Inflatable Rentals for a particular celebration.


Our fog machines will easily give your party an eerie, ghostly essence for your guests to walk through. Add a few tombstones and ghouls for a creepy graveyard or set the machine up by one of our dance floors and lead your guests in a monster mash night of dancing. For a more amusing background, our bubble machine will create an endless floor of bubbles for your guests to move and groove through.

Create keepsakes for your guests with our photo green screens. You and your guests can let your imaginations run wild when you take pictures of each other wearing your costumes in front of a green screen. The screen will easily allow you to create any background you choose for the photo. The photos will be treasured by your guests long after the party ends.

Bounce House Rentals

When your guests get hungry, they can enjoy sitting and enjoying delicious food that we have catered for your party. At Big Bounce Houses, we will work with you to plan a tasty, yet spooktacular menu that will satisfy for guests while keeping with the Halloween theme. We have a variety of options to choose from and will even make suggestions to help you plan the best menu for your party. We will even supply tents, tables and chairs to create a spooky sitting area for your guests to sit at while they enjoy their food and drinks.

At the end of the party, you can give your guests a treat with our customized t-shirts or phone cases. These memorable keepsakes will last much longer than the Halloween candy and be a permanent reminder of your fun filled Halloween extravaganza.

Halloween is a great holiday to celebrate with friends and family. With the help of Big Bounce House, you can plan a fun, spooky event that will have your guests screaming for another. We have numerous Party Rentals options and packages for you to choose from. With our vast selection, we can help make an ordinary event extraordinary. Our professional staff will help you in all aspects of planning to ensure that everything you need is ready for the big day.

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